Journal Papers

  1. Mobiphos: A study of user engagement with a mobile collocated–synchronous photo sharing application. Nirmal Patel, James Clawson, Amy Voida and Kent Lyons. International Journal of Human Computer Studies (2009).
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Long Conference Papers

  1. A Study of Cultural Effects on Mobile-Collocated Group Photo Sharing. Nirmal J. Patel, James Clawson, Namwook Kang, SeungEok Choi, Thad Starner. Proceedings of GROUP 2010. Sanibel Island, FL, USA. November 7-10, 2010.
  2. Mobiphos: A Collocated-Synchronous Mobile Photo Sharing Application. James Clawson, Amy Voida, Nirmal Patel and Kent Lyons. Proceedings of MobileHCI 2008. Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 2-5. 2008.
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  3. Reading On-the-Go: A Comparison of Audio and Hand-held Displays. Kristin Vadas, Nirmal Patel, Kent Lyons, Thad Starner, and Julie Jacko. Proceedings of Mobile HCI 2006. Espoo, Finland. September 2006.
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Short Conference Papers

  1. Dancing in the Streets: The design and formative evaluation of a wearable health game. James Clawson, Nirmal Patel, Thad Starner. Proceedings of ISWC 2010. Seoul, Korea. October 10-13, 2010.
  2. A Model of Two-Thumb Chording on a Phone Keypad. Nirmal Patel, James Clawson and Thad Starner. Proceedings of MobileHCI 2009. Bonn, Germany, September 15-18. 2009.
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  3. Quickdraw: The Impact of Mobility and On-Body Placement on Device Access Time. Daniel Ashbrook, James Clawson, Kent Lyons, Nirmal Patel, Thad Starner. Proceedings of CHI 2008, Florence, Italy. Apr 5-10, 2008.
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  4. A Clinically Affordable Non-Contact Wound Measurement Device. Mark Duckworth, Nirmal Patel, Aditya Joshi, and Shawn Lankton. Proceedings of RESNA. 2007.
  5. KeyMenu: A Keyboard Based Hierarchical Menu. Kent Lyons, Nirmal Patel and Thad Starner. Proceedings of ISWC 2003, White Plains, NY. October 2003.
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  1. Digital Kick in the Shin: On-body communication tools for couples trapped in face-to-face group conversations. James Clawson, Nirmal Patel and Thad Starner. Workshop at Mobile HCI 2008. Lisbon, Portugal. Sep. 7th, 2010.
  2. Exploring Computer Augmented Communication through an Examination of the Collocated Use of Multiple Mobile Displays. James Clawson, Nirmal Patel and Thad Starner. Workshop at CSCW 2008. San Diego, CA, USA. Nov. 8, 2008.
  3. Introduction to Mobile Application with On-Body Sensing Design: Why Desktop Emulators are not enough. Nirmal Patel, Tracy Westeyn, Valerie Summet. Workshop Organizers at ISWC 2007. Boston, MA, USA. Oct. 13, 2007.


  1. Many Tabs Make a Light Board. Mobile HCI 2010 DC.
    Poster ACM
  2. Two-Thumb Chording Poster. Georgia Tech Undergraduate Research Symposium. Phong Su Si, Nirmal Patel and Thad Starner. Spring 2010.
    Best Poster Award for College of Computing
  3. DEAF 911 Poster Nirmal Patel, Ketaki Deo, Zahoor Zafrulla and Thad Starner. Computing at the Margins Symposium. 2009.


  1. U.S. Patent US-2010-0091104-A1, Systems And Methods For The Measurement Of Surfaces, Issued: April, 15, 2010.