KeyMenu is a keyboard based hierarchical menu system intended for use on a wearable computer. It is designed for use in conjunction with the Twiddler one-handed wearable keyboard. Unlike traditional menus and shortcut keys, our system employs a one-to-one mapping between buttons on the keyboard and menu items. With the addition of a pop-up menu interaction technique, the KeyMenu design consistently supports both novice and expert users.

KeyMenu as shown on screen and Twiddler KeyMenu, as shown on screen, and Twiddler

KeyMenu utilizes an intentional delay in displaying the menu similar to Marking Menus. The menu supports novice users by showing the menu after a short delay (1/3 second), providing a prompt of available menu options. An expert makes the same physical motion as the novice but does not pause. Thus, a novice can progress to an expert skill level without needing to learn new actions. The transition follows from repeated use of frequent commands where eventually the sequence is encoded in procedural memory.

Related Document

KeyMenu: A Keyboard Based Hierarchical Menu. Kent Lyons, Nirmal Patel and Thad Starner. Proceedings of ISWC 2003, White Plains, NY. October 2003. ACM