Wound Measurement

The wound measurement device we presented is a low-cost, non-contact, hand-held measurement device that is capable of providing high-quality measurements. With these characteristics, it is plausible that its cost to benefit ratio could allow it to replace those methods so widely employed today. The next step in development is to transfer the technology to a new mobile computing platform resembling the final device. This version will be a single hand-held unit on which all of the processing takes place. We have selected components which we believe are powerful enough to do the required processing and allow us to meet the cost of goods goal of $100. Although the processing power of this device will be somewhat less than that of the processing server, efficiency will be improved by removing the data transfer and rewriting code in C++. With this we will do further clinical testing and also user interface testing.


Related Document

A Clinically Affordable Non-Contact Wound Measurement Device. Mark Duckworth, Nirmal Patel, Aditya Joshi, and Shawn Lankton. Proceedings of RESNA. 2007.