ATARI 2600 Programming

These are two games I created for Ian Bogost's Atari programming course. One is written in Batari Basic and the other is written in straight assembly for the Atari 2600. Use the Stella Emulator to play the games on your computer.

Block In

Block In is a two player game that involves breaking blocks your side of a divider. These blocks then shift and appear on the other side. The objective is to block the other player in. The game was written in Batari Basic and the source and a compiled binary are available.

Screen capture of Block In

Mooninites vs Boston Bomb Squad (MVBB)

MVBB is also a two player game in which one player plays the Mooninites and another player acts as the Boston Bomb Squad. This game was made soon after the 2007 scandal in which an advertising agency created light up versions of Ignignokt and placed them on buildings in Boston.

In the game, player one controls a Mooninite ship which can fly around, shoot down at the bomb squad van to destroy it and also land Ignignokt on the buildings. Player one can win by causing sufficient damage to the building or destroying the van. Player two controls the bomb squad van. Player two must defend the building from the Mooninites by shooting at Ignignokt before he blows up part of the building and shooting the Mooninite ship. If player two can successfully blow up the ship, they win.

This game was written entirely in assembly for the Atari 2600. The source and a precompiled binary are available here.

Left: Mooninites preparing to land on building
Right: Ignignokt has landed and is preparing to attack