Splitview is a Greasemonkey script which adds an unobtrusive “Split View” link to posts on Google Reader, Hacker News, Reddit, Digg, Techcrunch and Underln. It also works under Safari with the help of GreaseKit.

Update (01 / 03 / 2009): I just added support for Google Reader. If any story in Google Reader has a link called “Comments” it will automatically have a “Split View” link appended to it.

After the page loads, the domain determines which filter function to use. This function returns an array where each element is an array containing the article link, discussion link and the DOM node to which the Split View link is added. An optional 4th parameter can be the DOM node that represents the link. If this link is not provided then createLink function is used to make one. Future additions will require updating the @include in the meta, updating siteKey and adding the new filter function.


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