Reddit Pics Screensaver

Have you ever wanted a screensaver that just cycled through the top pics on the /r/pics sub-Reddit? I did too, but who has time to learn how to make screensavers? Then I found out about WebSaver for OS X, a simple screen saver that shows any given url when your screen saver timeout activates.


  1. Install WebSaver, you can get it here.
  2. Download this HTML file to ~/Library/Screen Savers. Don't bother trying to view it in the browser, it won't work due to cross domain restrictions.
  3. Open up the Screen Savers preferences panel and select the WebSaver.
  4. Click on "Options" and set the URL to the local file. For me this is: file:///Users/nirmal/Library/Screen%20Savers/redditPicsScreensaver.html. As the page requeries the /r/pics frontpage, I disabled the automatic reload.
  5. Start the screensaver and enjoy! The first image load may take some time but it should be pretty smooth afterwards.