Keywurl To Alfred

I really dig Alfred. A feature that I find super useful is the ability to setup "Custom Searches" in the Preferences for Alfred. I'm also an avid user of Keywurl which allows you to create custom keyword searches in Safari similar to the way that you can in Firefox. I wanted to somehow "import" my Keywurl customizations into Alfred. Fortunately, both Keywurl and Alfred store their customizations in easy to modify plist files. So I wrote a quick Python script that will import Keywurl entries into Alfred's plist. Not all Keywurl entries are compatible with Alfred so the script will let you know when it encounters these entries. Also, if you already have an Alfred custom search with the same keyword as a Keywurl search, the script will alert you and skip it. You can change either and re-run the script. Please backup Alfred's custom searches plist file, located at ~/Library/Application Support/AlfredApp/customsites.plist or ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred/ customsites.plist depending on your version of Alfred, before using this script. Make sure to restart Alfred after running the script.

Code :

If you encounter any problems, feel free to email me or contact me on Twitter.